Monday, 21 June 2010

Preparation is key..

Once all linocuts were unpacked from their boxes, their surfaces wiped clean to remove all dust from the years of storage, the full extent of preparation required became clear. Many of the linocuts were without mounting, meaning large pieces of MDF wood board had to be joined with another piece of hardboard to back up the linocut, making it type high and possible to print.

Building the Linocut to type height

The pieces of lino were then mounted onto their relevant wooden mounting blocks with the aid of some very strong double sided tape.

Adding strong adhesive to the back of the linocut

Mounting one of the larger linocuts

Each piece of wooden mounting had to be completely square with smooth flat edges to accommodate the press itself, the printing press in question is a British built Western 30 proofing press with a bed of 24x30".
With all linocuts appropriately mounted, the proofing can now commence..

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